Green field of potato crops in a row
Agricultural Valuation

Aagricultural valuation is a special valuation that allows the property to be appraised based on the land’s capacity to produce agricultural products. CNY Pomeroy Appraisers can determine this valuation.

Compass pointing at the word assessment
Assessment Matters

Different than appraisals, asssessments are relative measures of value that indicate how this same property will be taxed by the government.

Judge hammer near financial documents
Bankruptcy Proceedings

A bankruptcy appraisal is a process a certified appraiser carries out to establish your home’s fair market value. After comparing multiple recent house sales in your area, the appraiser gets an opinion of your home’s value. The appraisal report also contains factual data to support the value.

Interior of church

Church appraisals are performed for a wide variety of reasons, which include, but are not limited to refinancing, acquisition, expansion or sale of a church property. Church appraisals also take into consideration various factors such as local building and labor costs, and comparisons with other similar facilities which have sold.

strip mall exterior
Commercial Land & Improved Property

Commercial Real Estate appraisals are complex because each building is unique. CNY Appraisers will figure out how much income a property can generate by examining how various aspects affect its value.

delapitated door
Condemnation Cases

For landowners facing possible condemnation of their property, or eminent domain issues, the right course of action requires understanding the options available. CNY Pomeroy Appraisers can you help you understand those options.

Water rushes down the mountain from the melting snow at higher elevations
Conservation Easements

A conservation easement is a voluntary, legal agreement that permanently limits uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values.

contaminated soil
Contamination Issues

CNY Pomeroy Appraisers will inspect any contamination concerns/issues you may have and provide a best course of action for moving forward.

Overhead view of highway
Corridor Validations

Corridor appraisal methodologies used include “across-the-fence” and “corridor factor” analysis. Selecting and utilizing the appropriate methodology given the appraisal problem at hand is of the utmost importance.

Gavel striking desk
Expert Testimony

An appraiser may be called as an expert witness in any case in which the parties are arguing over value. CNY Pomeroy Appraisers is experience in providing expert testimony.

house agent successfully selling building scheme
Estate Settlement

Our team of accredited appraisers certify the Fair Market Value as of the date of death of all real estate assets. We coordinate directly with the family attorney.

gas lines running through trench
Gas Line Easements

The appraisal of pipeline easements is more difficult than one might first assume. This is primarily due to legal issues, partial interest, language used in the easement agreement and scarcity of comparable data. CNY Pomeroy Appraisers can help you handle these hurdles.

golf course
Golf Courses

Performing a golf course appraisal involves the valuation of real estate, personal property and a business. CNY Pomeroy Appraisers understands the different components that comprise a golf course operation

Front desk of hotel
Hotel Valuation

Considered high-risk/high-reward investments, hospitality and leisure assets may be the most challenging type of property to assess. Combining financial expertise with industry knowledge, we help our clients understand the issues that underlie value and provide you with comprehensive hotel valuation services.

Man working on his taxes
Income Tax Issues

CNY Pomeroy Appraisers is aware of the appraisal requirements the IRS has instituted. Our associates will assist in resolving any income tax issues.

Overhead view of warehouse
Industrial Land & Improved Property

These appraisals will provide an overview of the current economic conditions and market area, a description of the property including the site and buildings, an analysis of the highest and best use of the property, and an in-depth discussion of the valuation from the approaches used in the appraisal.

Company working to determine value of property
Institutional Valuation

Our team uses a rigorous process, that distills complex information, applies market insight, and brings our knowledge and industry experience to the institutional valuation process.

man pressing insurance coverage key on keyboard
Insurance Coverage/Claims

Our associates will gather information about an insurance claim by assessing the value of your property and the amount of property loss or damage.

House ornament with For Rent tag attached
Investment Analysis

CNY Pomeroy Appraisers can assist investors in real estate by providing market and economic analysis for specific properties to help investors with acquisition and disposition decisions.

Colorful sunset toned boats docked at marina

We at CNY Pomeroy Appraisers have lots of experience being around marinas and appraising them. We understand the different attributes of a marina that effect value. We are prepared to examine these attributes and appraise your marina.

market studies reports
Market Studies

CNY Pomeroy Appraisers recognizes that the market is constantly changing, and that certain scenarios require a higher level of analysis to provide a credible report for the intended user. There is no fixed formula, and certain relevant criteria must be addressed in complex assignments.

Pen lying on paper under words Minority Interest
Minority Interest

The most important thing to remember in the valuation of minority interest is that its valuation is affected by internal and external factors applicable to the company and the industry in which it operates. The professionals at CNY Pomeroy Appraisers will look at those factors to help determine the valuation.

line of homes in residential culdesac
Mortgage Financing

A mortgage appraisal is a process that involves a certified appraiser to review a commercial property and comparing it to other properties in the area to determine its market value.

business partners shaking hands
Partial Interest

Partial interest valuation is a technique used by appraisers and other valuation professionals to estimate the value of a fractional interest in real estate. Fractional interests in real estate result from the owner’s ownership of less than 100% of a given property.

Crop shot of person with pen signing contract at desk
Purchase/Sale Decisions

CNY Pomeroy Appraisers will appraise the property in question to help determine the fair market value. This will assist in figuring out a fair purchase/sale price.

train crossing the street
Rail Road Valuation

Railroad equipment typically is appraised as personal property at Market Value. Items of Railroad equipment that are permanently affixed to land will be appraised as real property at Market Value, as part of the real estate. Our firm is able to solve all of your Railroad Equipment evaluation needs.

Run down house

Right-of-Way valuation provides support for condemnation-related projects that involve an entity acquiring property rights from individual property owners. The ROW process can be extremely complex and emotional for property owners, especially when involving condemnation.

waterfront lake house
Riparian Rights

Riparian rights impact you, especially when considering the use of your waterfront property. If you are buying waterfront property and you do not have riparian rights the property value could be impacted. Our associates will determine whether the property has riparian rights.

school exterior

Appraising school properties requires an appraiser who is familiar with the modern requirements of a school. CNY Pomeroy Appraisers understands those requirements and is qualified to appraise any public or private school.

Row of outdoor storage lockers
Self Storage Valuation

Self-storage valuation is a professional art. While number manipulations are an important part of the process, a good deal of real estate experience is required to develop a precise value range. Our experts will look at True Market Value, rental income, miscellaneous income, and operating expenses to determine a valuation.

Manufacturing Facility
Special Use Property

A special use property appraisal calculates the value of a specific property has for a specific use. In estimating use value, the appraiser focuses on the value the real estate contributes to the enterprise of which it is a part, without regard to the highest and best use of the property or the monetary amount that might be realized from its sale.

Overhead view of a subdivision
Subdivision Analysis

The appraisal of subdivisions involves the evaluation of an income stream, the appraiser’s understanding of subdivision plot maps, and showing all lots and improvements to be developed. The cost of all improvements including utilities, roads, etc. must be estimated.

power lines running through field
Transmission Line Easements

Transmission Line Easements rights are acquired to allow for the construction, operation, maintenance and rebuilding of transmission lines.

meeting about zoning
Zoning Hearings

CNY Pomeroy Appraisers will testify at zoning hearings with our findings from property appraisals.